Brands are valued Globally but less is known about the Brand Licensing Industry, which thrives on building billion dollar brands through monetization across products and services platform through strategic licensing partnerships with multiple companies.

The Brand Licensing industry is an emerging Business Vertical and remains scattered due to multiple companies operating in different Businesses across Media & Entertainment, Technology, Fashion, Automobile, Sports, Food & Beverages, Stationery, Retail, Home Décor & Furnishings, Toys etc.

At BAIL our objective is to get all the Brands/IP Owners and their Licensees & Resellers & Licensing Professionals on one single platform. BAIL is an association created by the Industry Stalwarts & thought Leaders, who has relevant experience and understanding about the Brand Licensing industry in the Indian market.


The mission of BAIL is to foster the growth and expansion of the Brand Licensing industry in India.

Ms.Rutika Malaviya, who has been representing a Global Licensing organization LIMA in past and also a publisher of Licensing Corner Magazine has championed this cause and have collaborated with Licensing Veteran Mr.Vishal Sinha having significant experience in licensing across Media & Entertainment, Sports, Celebrity brands to build India’s own Brand Licensing Association built by Industry representatives from diverse companies.

The broad idea is to build a core committee panel, which will work towards growth of Brand Licensing Industry by creating the following:

  • Knowledge Hub – Sharing Industry Global Trends and its impact locally, Best Practices sharing.
  • Industry Workshops – Design & Product Development, IPR Protection (Legal Regulations).
  • Trade Events – Industry Expo.
  • Talent Pool – Recruitment & Training & Development.
  • IPR Protection Panel – Legal Support Panel. (Listing IP Law Firms)
  • Industry Consolidated Representative Body.
  • Business Development Avenues – Strategic Partnerships, Sales & Distribution, Retail, Sourcing – Manufacturing (Factories Listing), International Sourcing.
  • Launch Pad – For Launching Brands in Industry Forum.
  • Recognition & Rewards program.
  • Online Support.

The Core Committee seeks members in following categories to have a balanced and Fair Industry representation:

  • Media & Entertainment.
  • Theme Park.
  • Celebrity Brand Management.
  • Online Retailer.
  • Offline Retailer – Hypermarket.
  • Offline Retailer – Department Stores.
  • Offline Retailer – Fashion Value Retailer.
  • Offline Retailer – Speciality Stores (Home, Jewellery, Eyewear, Innerwear, Fashion, Footwear, Watches, Automobiles, Electronics Devices, Consumer Durables, Books & Music, Sports, Toys & Games, etc).
  • Trade Retailers (Chain Stores).
  • Distributors.
  • Licensees.
  • IP Lawyer.
  • Manufacturer.

The BAIL shall act as a visible body of leadership, influence and support to the Licensing Industry in India. We recognize your achievements and efforts in building suucessful strategic licensing partnerships in your organisation and hence, we hereby would like to invite you to be part of this absolute much needed formation of the association represeting Brand Licensing in your industry [Category to be mentioned] and also enabling us to formulate and run fair practices and codes for the industry events.

The Committee shall provide and develop the resources, knowledge and contacts, providing direction to the Licensing Industry at large, definitely avoiding any loop at individual level or capacity. The committee should ensure the interests of the members developing networking opportunities, serving as a source of education and information, establishing standards of ethical and professional conduct, and recognising excellence and achievement in the Indian licensing industry.


Rutika Malaviya

Vishal Sinha